Prolactin division as a new occupation, the current market is very promising. In recent years, the number of infants in China every year to improve the speed of the rocket, about 2500 per hour in the birth of newborns. Most of the maternal milk can not be normal, there lack of milk, less milk, milk rose to happen. Professional prolactin division as the lack of milk, can be less milk mother prolactin, can even return to the milk and milk rose to alleviate pain. According to understand our country prolactin division there are about the gap of more than 100 million, so prolactin division of the market demand is great, from the price of prolactin division growth in recent years also shows that the prolactin division market prospect is good!

----- Training program -----

1, basic vocational introduction: prolactin division of the emergence and development, concept and the nature of prolactin division, prolactin division of vocational moral, prolactin division professional etiquette norms;

2, breast basic knowledge: breast anatomical structure, the production and secretion of milk, breast milk every phase of the ingredients and functions, the benefits of breast feeding, improve the measure of lactation;

3, massage: massage techniques overview, massage prolactin related;

4, lactation: overview of main and collateral channels and acupoints on the acupoints of human body and the main and collateral channels, main and collateral channels acupoints, acupoints and lactation associated with main and collateral channels;

5, routine methods: prolactin prolactin division to standardize the process of skills, open milk, milk, milk prolactin rose less routine techniques;

6, postpartum common problems: postpartum breast common problems and treatment, postpartum specialist symptoms and nursing;

7, breast health: breast examination and abnormal breast observation, breast aerobics, breast health food therapy;

8, the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine: Yin and Yang, Qi, blood, Tianjin night and the relationship between the milk, maternal physical;

9, the four Chinese medicine commonly used diet: prolactin, prolactin of five kinds of common ingredients and usage;

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