Childhood development is the most important period in the life of a person. The child is in the process of continuous growth and development. In the process of continuous development, the development of children's development includes two aspects of physical and psychological development. Hong Liang housekeeping to the nursery teacher work mainly on the baby for daily care, daily care and nursing and family comprehensive service.

Nursery service object

  • Service age:For 0~3 years old infants。
  • Customer service:It is suitable for families with children, and doing household chores, pay attention to the care and health care for infants and young children.

Nursery service content

  • Daily care:Diet, drinking water, sleep, two, three bath, nutrition, feeding, clothing, toys, cleaning etc..
  • Daily health care:Routine nursing, growth monitoring, prevention, nursing, lead poisoning, risk factors identification and so on.
  • Taking into account the housework:According to customer demand for auxiliary daily chores, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing etc..

----- Training program -----

0-3 year-old infant physical development, psychological characteristics; daily life care of infants and young children; newborns and disease prevention; infant and young child nutrition demand characteristics and nutritional meal preparation, and so on. Early education and intellectual development of infants and young children, the cultivation of self-care ability, communication ability, the identification and treatment of infants and young children, the physiological and pathological features of infants and young children, nursing care, common diseases, the main passive exercise, infant yoga, infant growth monitoring and evaluation, nursing etiquette, professional ethics and vocational education, etc..

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