Identity verification: through the national public security system audit ID, to ensure that the identity of the real, no bad records; audit certificate and other qualifications, to ensure the true nature; audit family members and contact information, to ensure the accuracy of the information of the guarantor, the company staff to bring students to the hospital physical examination, to ensure reliability. Insurance: unified purchase student accident insurance, employers liability insurance and property insurance, let students work at ease, employers, please rest assured. Authoritative training: housekeeping staff after housekeeping staff and curriculum system of professional training, master scientific cleaning method and corresponding cooking, through the strict examination certificates. Regular assessment: after the home guard, the professional family management to follow up, to understand their work, and to assess their performance, make a score, and provide personalized training for home economics.

  • The old man:Personal hygiene and health care for the elderly, according to the basic principles of the elderly diet, scientific and reasonable eating, to ensure the nutritional needs of the elderly. Master the living characteristics of the elderly, so that the elderly safe and comfortable life.
  • Patient care:According to the patient's good habits, to the patient's daily life nursing, do a good job of life care, according to the doctor's advice to provide patients with nutrition rich diet. Take different nursing knowledge and technology, reduce the pain as soon as possible to help patients recover health.
  • The hospital:In the hospital care action inconvenience or a particular illness patient, responsible for the patient's daily life diet, accompany the hospital also called hospital workers.

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