The purpose of the project is to make up for the lack of domestic household skills in the field of home economics, the full range of theoretical knowledge and teaching skills to enhance the domestic industry needs to meet the needs of domestic industry. The project for the country, and the relevant departments to work on the workers to carry out vocational training, to achieve enrollment, training, employment, tracking service integration, to promote employment training.


  • Service mode:Nanny, housekeeper service employers, the month rests four days, at the same time enjoy the national holidays.
  • Service profile:Home to home care home staff after a professional comprehensive training, targeted to provide you with home cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, simple family meals, pick up the child to school, pet flowers and other domestic services.

----- Training program -----

1, professional ethics and relevant laws and regulations;

2, family rituals and customs of life: master interpersonal approach, along with their employers skills to use interpersonal knowledge with others in harmony;

3, a family meal production: master elementary knowledge of nutrition and food, common seasoning technology, food quality identification and preservation method and master the technique of steaming, boiling, frying, stewing, mixing, frying and other production of staple foods.

4, clothing washing and maintenance: master common detergent performance and use method, clothing fabric texture identification and washing machine, iron use method and grasp common clothes folding and put knowledge and other related knowledge;

5, home cleaning and environmental beautification: to master common household cleaning supplies and cleaning tools, common cleaning agent and disinfectant use method and master furniture, doors and windows, glass and lamps and lanterns of wiping and cleaning method;

6, old people and patient care: to master the elderly and the patient's eating characteristics and eating notes, can timely find the elderly and the patient's abnormal situation and take measures to take;

7, household appliances safe use and maintenance: Master refrigerator, electric fan, electric irons, electric rice cookers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, electric water heaters and other household appliances safe use and the matters needing attention.

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