professional early childhood teachers and children into the family, for the children to carry out one of early education. Accompany children to respect the child's physical and mental development of the law, capture a child of the sensitive period, constantly give children provide environment for the growth of a love and freedom, adhering to the life is the education of the early education, to teach children & mdash; & mdash; good living habits, manners and etiquette, learning habits and how to manage their emotions; development of the child's right brain and potential. And provide one of the early activities for children and the daily life of the most intimate care, making nutritious meals to children fine.

  • guide education:in daily life.
  • potential of development: according to the characteristics of the individual child, arrange a day early childhood training of specialized courses, develop children's language expression, social ability, mode of thought and cognition, movement, fine motor etc. Multiple Intelligences.
  • art training: to cultivate children's interest and artistic expertise.
  • health care: is responsible for the prevention and care of common diseases and accidents in children.

----- Training Project -----

  • child psychology:learning how to communicate with their children, how to correctly guide children's games and learning methods;
  • early theoretical basis:learning 0— 3 years old infant and child physical and psychological development and sensitive period characteristics;
  • early education practical training: learning 0— 3 years old baby early education and training focus and old teaching ability;
  • children's nutrition meal production:learning the principles and methods of nutrition meal production
  • common disease prevention and treatment:learning to understand the causes and correct treatment of common diseases in infants and young children
  • Family Service Etiquette:learning the dining etiquette, the etiquette of speech, the delivery of goods, the telephone etiquette, etiquette;
  • law and security awareness:the legal awareness, understanding and learning about the security risks of family growth in children

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