Mission - "Let the family feel better."
Provide high-quality service and good taste of family life, so that thousands of families enjoy a happier home life. At the same time, the pursuit of material and spiritual well-being, so that "family" better.
Vision - "has become the first choice for users first competitive home services solutions provider."
Firmly believe that: "to become the user's preferred first competitive home services solutions provider," the vision of a full unified goal, namely: the service industry to do the best, achieve industry-leading brand, to achieve all of common ideals.
Core values ​​- "responsibility, dedication"
responsibility. Actively committed to social responsibility is the obligation as a corporate citizen. We should follow the requirements of the corporate mission, fundamental commitment to corporate social responsibility, to achieve the common development of enterprises, consumers, employees, customers and all stakeholders.
Dedication. Respected career, focused on work, do everything possible to get the job done. Strong sense of professionalism and sense of responsibility, perseverance and hard work and effort, professionalism of the staff of the understanding, intrinsic motivation is the company continued to move forward.

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